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Calvary’s YOUTH GROUP has finally gotten the new AED machine.  the cabinet is on the way, but the machine is here.  Thank you to everyone that helped with this project!!

ANGELS AND POCKET CROSSES!  On the white stand in the corner of the  Narthex you will find ANGELS (made and donated by Helen Weigel)  and   POCKET CROSSES (made and donated by         Carolyn Baumgardner).  These gifts from these wonderfully talented ladies will benefit the Youth Group through your donations.   They make wonderful little gifts to someone who has done something nice  for you, or “just because” you value a friendship.   It’s not too early to even think of them as “stocking   stuffers” for the holidays.  Thanks Helen and Carolyn!!


Did you know Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down?  The flamingos flew south for the season.  Thank you to everyone who supported the youth and sent the them to your friends and neighbors.  If there is a special occasion during the winter and early spring that you would like to send the flock,      Contact Diane  , 292-2933  As long as the ground isn’t    frozen they can make an appearance.  Again thank you for your support.


Thanks to our Lord and  to our   Calvary Family & Friends  for everything!